luni, 28 noiembrie 2016


 Dimension: 50/70 cm
Technique: oil on canvas

This work represents a small part of Gia’s life, a part of her childhood where time and space are irrelevant. What matters is the transformation of energy between layers and dimensions. The cat is jumping from one edge to another making the surrounding space a place where laws of physics don't apply. Gia is materialized from energy to becaome a real person making the layers of energy in the background more profound and important. In the million layers of energy some dots are becoming ladybugs, making the hole work more vivid and playful.

luni, 15 februarie 2016

Captured imaginary friend

      Technique: mixt

This work represents a captured imaginary friend and the ability to conquer our fears making an example of them and displaying them as a trophy. The art work is made of an actual deer antler trophy.