vineri, 23 octombrie 2015

Eyes of Knowledge

Dimension: 40/50 cm
Technique: acrylic on canvas

The owl is known as a symbol for knowledge. Native americans believe that owl can travel from our plane of existence to the world of spirits and back, adding value to it’s meaning. This can also be an explanation for the origin of knowledge: by seeing the world of spirits the owl knows what this world is made of. The owl is made of matter and of energy and keeps a small part of the astral plane in itself. The main difference between owl and the most other beings is the owl is aware of that. That is why many cultures consider it the announcer of death.     

vineri, 31 iulie 2015

Look behind you

Dimension: 10/15 cm
Technique:Oil on cardboard

Look behind you! Seriously, please look behind you! Ok, thank you. Now you can look at the work again and/or at the text. The pair of powerful colored frame and black space is meant to lure and intrigue the viewer. The subject of this work is not simple and it is simple. One dimension is the observed universe of which we focus on our day by day life. We see the very well details, we experience it and we measure it all the time. The other dimension is the Hidden Universe, which we don’t know but we guess it’s existence, movement and vibration. It is not hidden because of some obscure reason - it is hidden because we don’t look at it long enough. Because of that everything is possible - good, bad or neutral. Because we lack data from observation the cat can be dead and alive in the same time. But we know there is a cat. It is like short look in a dark room which we know. You know there’s an armchair, you kind of see it’s lines and you fill the rest of of details from memory. Some data you add ar right, some not.

For an artist, this happens on daily basis. We focus so much on our creation and everything else fades. But just because we don’t observe the world around us and it becomes Hidden Universe it doesn’t mean it stops.

As a final observation, in different degrees this is true to all of us:

“When you think to take determination of your fate into your own hands, that is the moment you can be crushed. Be cautious. Allow for surprises. When we create, there are always other forces at work.
– Darwi Odrade”  - Chapterhouse of Dune, by Frank Herbet

joi, 30 iulie 2015


Dimension: 40/120 cm (trip-tic)
Technique:Oil on canvas

Transcendence - from physical plane of existence to the vibrational plane. In the first sequence we have the representation of a human in the physical world, as we know it. Then it starts a metamorphosis process and in the last sequence it transcends to the Astral world.

Gateway 2

         Dimension: 100/70cm
          Technique: oil on canvas

This work is a scene from the astral plane. An entity comes in contact with and object with the snail symbol and starts to remember her previous life. By getting negative emotions and getting influence from a demigod she starts to become matter once again. Some other entities are there at the scene but only one tries to stop the process.

Knockin at your door

   Dimension: 40/ 80 cm 
Technique: Mixed on wood support

It is a work which I would like to introduce my concept to the audience. The character in the work is a self representation as an entity staring at the audience. If I look at the work it changes its meaning - it becomes a dialogue between my myself and my view of the world around me.